Yi Hsuan Lai (b,1988) is a visual artist from Taiwan and works in New York. She has recently completed her MFA from School of Visual Arts in Photography, Video and Related media. Her past background in graphic design and documentary for theatre established her art process through performance, staged self-portraiture, installation, and sculpture-based photography. Her oeuvre explores the multi-layers of self as well as the experiment of the representation of sensation through physical materiality used to build up imagination of her mind.


Her work has been shown in Anonymous Town SPRING/BREAK Art Show (2020, New York), In visible space in Here Art (2020, New York), Body language in Deer studio (2020, New York), WONDER FOTO Day (2019, Taiwan), Break a leg in Photo emphasis Suger gallery(2019, Fayetteville). She has been the recipient of SVA alumni scholarship award (2020), SVA scheimpflug Award (2020), SVA MFA Photo Alice Beck-Odette scholarship (2020, 2019, 2018).

Contact Info

mail:      phone:   702-217-6065     instagram: flaneur_shan