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April, 16, 2023

Interview: WU Magazine  Issue 119

Interview by Alessandra Lanza


"After a period of logistical and emotional changes that have drained her creatively, inspiration comes as a surprise in 2022 for Yi Hsuan Lai during an artist residency: she sets her gaze on some abandoned packaging objects and materials in the corner of her studio, which, illuminated by the sun, resemble a human body, and she is struck by inspiration. Thus, an ever-evolving project is born in which photography recontextualizes waste and disposable materials, giving them new identities and creating a new world."

March 17- April 30,  2023

Exhibition: In-Between 2023 Lush Fiction 

Curated by Yanira Castro, Martita Abril, and Zahra Banyamerian

in New York Lives Art 


In selecting and bringing this work together from New York Foundation for the Arts’ 2023 immigrant artist cohort—nineteen artists from nineteen countries covering four continents—we hope to highlight a diversity of forms, mediums, materials, backgrounds, identities. Our title for this year’s exhibition, Lush Friction, is our response to overarching themes we experience in the works of this year’s cohort—use of sumptuous imagery, and conflicting conversations on memory, fiction, desire, alienation, authoritarianism, and interconnectedness. Lush Friction re-interprets in-betweenness as non-fictional/fictional reminiscence, considering the complexity of our shared experiences of (un)belonging, the resistance to being defined by border crossing, and the continual quest for community.

NYFA Immigrant Artist Exhibition

Feb. 8-23, 2023 

Exhibition: Paroxysm 

Curtated by Alison Pirie in Westbeth Gallery, NY 

Catalyzed by events over the past three years, the forthcoming group exhibition at Westbeth Gallery features 65 artists from the US and abroad whose work embodies an
urgent response to the worsening social, mental, and physical symptom of our shared world.


April, 16, 2023

Exhibition: Lonely ROCKS-
Self Portraiture 

Curated by James McGirk in Untitled Art Fair in Miami


March, 2022

Work Feature:
Lens Culture - Critic's Choice Top 10

Yi Hsuan Lai images are the fruit of a research where light, color and shapes interact to give life to new, often sculptoric, microcosms. The images though are more than that and hide a range of emotions where the psychological and metaphorical sides are as important as a genuine research for the aesthetics. Each one of us is welcome to connect to the found objects portrayed and the metaphysical sets openly, something that gives strength to her approach and the themes she invites you to explore, including self-identity, femininity, and the Otherness. Her practice as a very good potential and deserves to be explored further.

written by Giuseppe Oliverio from PHmuseum & PHmuseum Lab 

Where are you at this mement? ~ Joint, 2021. Print. Gabriele’ Gervickaite’ (Lithuania) and Yi Hsuan Lai (NYC).

November 21, 2021-September 22, 2022

Austrian Cultural Forum-UN/MUTE Residency 

The Austrian Cultural Forum New York and Undercurrent are pleased to present un/mute, an international group exhibition of collaborative works by 28 artists across multiple disciplines. On view at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York and Undercurrent, the exhibition is the culmination of an 18-month-long project that was launched in 2020 providing European and NYC-based artists with an opportunity for critical exchange and collaboration during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

May 22, 2021-September 18, 2021

If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now 

Curated by Eve Biddle, Bowie Zunino, Jeff Barnett-Winsby and Will Hutnick in Wassaic Project 

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