Project 01


Using the disposal and artificial objects and feeling its characteristics of materiality to make the costumes and sculpture to present the fantasy in my head. Using myself as the medium to transform as an unknown creature and to be involved in the natural world in the city. Welcome to my garden.


Project 02

The experimental creation of the materiality on images, mainly

discuss about the repression of sexuality in Asian culture.


Project 03

Back to Home

In this work, as an androgynous person, I decided to use myself as a medium to perform each family member in the images by wearing the same clothes left from them and by weaving the past and the present, from 1950s-2010s. It’s an exploration of an archetype of Asian family, like cultural studies in the historical courses, and display a certain sense of public ideology


Project 04

A Room of One's Own


斑駁的牆面還有漏水的痕漬是每日上下樓看見的風景。我帶著粉塵一片片掉落在樓梯上。安全網是一個三秒即可開的鐵門,以及一個生鏽的喇叭鎖。 過了半年,決定搬離那個令人不安的地方。在那之前,我想用身體去挑戰這個令人不舒適的環境,觸摸那些粉塵碎屑、感受水泥地的冰涼與潮濕。至終,那份抑鬱我不會帶走,因為我曾拿著顯微鏡好好看過他們了。

The building was located in Taipei, Taiwan which was my dormitory, an old and not well-maintained building that I left home for the first job in my life. I climbed six floors and lived in a rooftop addition. Every day I saw the dust and mottled wall, dark and potential dangers but always tried to ignore them. However, before the date I moved out, I decided to take the pictures of that building and using my body to feel every place I was afraid of before. 


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